Discourse hosting solutions

Hi Sebastian,

This is not squidex related but im curious about how you’re hosting Discourse? Im planning on using it myself but i dont know if i should host it myself or go with the 100 dollar per month hosted solution. I think in the end that might be the cheapest solution considering all the time and effort it takes to set everything up, test it, configuring and what not :thinking:


I have a cloud server at vultr (Please use my promo code :wink: SSD VPS Servers, Cloud Servers and Cloud Hosting - Vultr.com). I think it is around 20 USD per month, but you can get it for 10 USD. So please do not pay 100 dollar per month :wink:

OS: CentOS 7 x64

Application:Docker on CentOS 7 x64

I did not know that.
I will definitely check it out!

Btw, is the email service included?

I think you can use their email servers for free. Otherwise you need to configure something, perhaps Amazon SES?

Okay, that would be nice.
Was it a pain to configure and set up?
How many days did it take approximately for everything to be up and running and considered generally available?

1-2 hours or so. It is relatively easy. There is a shell installer, that you can use. It leads you through the steps. Basically you configure DNS, and have your smtp settings ready, then you run the installer, wait for the build the be finished and thats it.

Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad :wink: