Disabling fallback language


Is there a way to disable falling back to a language in the cloud version of Squidex?
I am trying to show the user that their language is not available but I am unable to verify if that’s the case when it always falls back.

Thanks in advance.

Not right: No.

But i can introduce a flag for you.

That would be perfect.

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Is this something you have planned to do? If so, when can I expect it to be present?
Thanks in advance.

Wednesday I hope, we have other things in the pipeline.

Thank you. I understand.

Hi, as promised. The header is called X-NoResolveLanguages

Thank you.

Where can I find this header? And is it possible to see if the language is available per item?

It is a normal Http header.

Excellent. This is exactly what I need. Thanks, Sebastian. You are brilliant!

And thanks Google for pointing me here. Maybe this should be highlighted in the docs. Maybe it’s there. At least I didn’t see it.

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