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As you can see the collection for request log is growing pretty fast.

Is there a way to disable request logs?

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see this setting: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/src/Squidex/appsettings.json#L276

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Thanks, I was just about to answer my own question. However, I also saw you said all logs go to Stdout, so I am a bit confused. I guess we have 2 options now?

Yes, the normal logs go to stdout. But in the app dashboard you have the option to download the request logs of your app. This is the setting to turn this off.

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I wanna follow up on this question. Is it ok for us to delete the existing records directly from the database?

I feel like it should be fine but wanna double check with you first.


Yes, thats not a problem.

Hi Sebastian, is guess also possible to disable requestlogs by an ENV in the startup of the pod

can you help to find the name of this env?
something like… APP_LOG_REQUEST = false


have you read this?

So it would be LOGGING__STOREENABLED=false

thank you Sebastian, wow documentation now is very good, i was many months without check it

Thanks, but this was there since years :smiley:

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