Deployment Issues

Hi Sebastian,

Currently we are using Squidex’s graphql query builder to send queries. For any previously working query we are running the value being returned is null

Any thoughts as to why this would happen. we are currently trying to deploy content for our clients UAT and for some reason it just keeps failing when carrying out a release.


I am not sure if I get the problem. So you are saying that graphql is not working after you deploy a new version of Squidex?

Hi Sebastian. We have a self-hosted copy of squidex that has not changed. The issue we are seeing is using the squidex app [interface] API > GraphQL > GraphiQL (interactive) client. Any query from our application run in this client gets a response of null.

The only thing that is changing is content. Our question is would you have any idea as to why this would happen when there have been zero code changes?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the vagueness of our question.

Also, just to add, we frequently get this error:

FetchError: request to <url> failed, reason: socket hang up

Not sure/convinced both are related.

It could be related but it is also very strange. Do you see any exceptions in the log? I have not experienced it before and I am not sure what happens.

I’ve been keeping a record of the different error messages we are getting to see if there is a pattern. Is there any rate limiting in place or latency that we need to take into consideration?

No, the only thing that can be challenging is clustering. You can disable it by setting it to Development: