Delete content in Squidex not updated in Algolia

I have set the rules for my articles to send data to Algolia index when

`event.type == 'Published' || event.type == 'Updated'`

When a new article is published, the data fields sends to Algolia index.
But when I delete an article in the Squidex cms, the data in the Algolia index does not remove automatically.

What do I need to setup to remove the data in Algolia when an article is deleted?

Thanks in advanced.

Because you told the rule action to handle only these two events. I would add Unpublished as well.

See in code: Delete content in Squidex not updated in Algolia

I have updated the rule to this:

event.type == 'Published' || event.type == 'Updated' || event.type == 'Unpublished'

but it still not working. Something else I need to do?

If you delete an item I would also add Delete or you just leave it blank to handle all events.

Leaving it blank works fine. Thanks :slight_smile:

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