Default Squidex Installation Environment Variables

Hi Sebastian,

I saw the last commit in the Docker repo was for the docker-compose.yml file.

You bumped up the version to 5.

So I assume this file is the most recent and the one that dictates how a default Squidex installation should look like.

I’m about to upgrade from an image that is about 3 months old to version 5.5 released a couple of days ago and I was wondering:

1. Are these env vars the minimum in order for getting Squidex up and running successfully?

2. In my current config/env var list I have URLS__ENFORCEHTTPS… I assume I can remove this env var now without breaking anything, correct?

3. Also, I don’t see ASSETSTORE__TYPE. The default I believe is Folder, yes? I use MongoDB to store my images so I still would need to override the default setting and set it to MongoDb?

4. And can I remove the following env vars from my env list in my Kubernetes yaml? I will most likely never use these.


5. Is the following line for DEV environment? Can I remove it for my PROD environment? What’s it used for exactly?

- ASPNETCORE_URLS=http://+:5000

6. And if needed I can add additional env vars from whatever is in this .json file, yes?

  1. No, the Minimum is only these 3. The current version has a small installation wizard with some tipps and a form to create the admin user.
  1. URLS__ENFORCEHTTPS can be removed, it is typically handled by the reverse proxy (in this case caddy) anyway.

  2. Yes, thats correct, but if you have kubernetes in a cloud I would just use this cloud provider for assets anyway, like S3 or AzureBlob

  3. Yes, you can remove them

  4. It sets the port where Squidex listens to. It cannot listen to port 80 because of caddy, but you can ignore it for kubernetes