[DECLINED] Squidex Customization

Hi, I wish to know if I can export my app api schema and upload it to another app. Also, is there a tutorial showing a way to personalize the admin home page to remove certain options ?

There is no built in way but you can write a tool or script for that.

What do you want to personalize?

I want to limit the number of apps only to one app. That is, after the creation of the initial app, the option to create any type of app is hidden.
And remove the support button which floats
Also, remove some options on the dashboard.

The first thing is already supported, there is a setting for that, so that only admin users see the create buttons:

The other feature requests are not supported yet. You can either…

  1. Specify the details so that I can implement them later, based on priorities.
  2. Clone the source code and remove it manually
  3. Add additional configuration values and provide a pull request for that.

Thanks, please is there a way to set this setting in azure configurations ?

Same like all settings: As environment variable. Have you read this: https://docs.squidex.io/getting-started/configuration ?

Thanks, I’m going through it right now.

Please is there a way to add realtime functionalities to Squidex ? Like we do with SignalR in ASP.net core.

Not yet, but you are welcome to create concrete feature requests.