[DECLINED] Single Session Only (Account)

Hi Sebastian,

If there is a person logging in to Squidex, I want someone be not able to log in with same account. Such a situation is necessary for security. Do you want to add this as a feature to the product? If you don’t want to add it, can you help me on how I can provide it?

It can also be like this, when a new login with the same account is opened, it disables the others.

I am not planning this, but you can provide a PR of course. But I have no idea how to implement this right now. You have to have a look to the library and how to invalidate the other tokens of a user: https://github.com/openiddict/openiddict-core

I am not going to implement this myself, but I can support you, if you need help.

Hi Sebastian, i need your help. please, help for this article.

Thank you.

What I meant: If you wanna implement it and you have concrete questions I can help. But if your company has such restrictions you should take care about it yourself. It has no priority for me.

I do not see a good reason to implement it.

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