[DECLINED] Share assets across apps

We have multiple apps on one installation. There is a requirement to share assets across these apps. With the new folder structure we organise creatives per section of the business and each section has their own app.

Ideally when you are in one of these section apps you want to be able to access the assets loaded in other apps.


This is not going to happen. It has too many implications about performance and security and so on. The only option for you is to write a custom editor and reference assets from other apps manually.

Thank you. I think we will just create a shared app where the can store all the assets then each webmaster can go and get it from there and download it again and upload to their app.

Why not a custom editor?

The way we use images arre by utilising the squidex schema where you have an item that is image. So this gives you access to the library or upload new one.

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