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Hi Sebastian,

I have a new idea on the schema side.
Buttons can be added to the diagrams as a field.
Some actions can be assigned to the button click event on the scripts side.

I want to share an example.

my goal here is to capture the button click event and assign tasks to it… I don’t expect it to save a data for the button in the database. For example, when the button is clicked, I want to make a web service call using other field data in the scripts field.

or I want to hide another area when the button is clicked.
I want to load data from a web service into the dropdown item according to the data entered when the button is clicked.

Examples can be multiplied.

Also, it would be very nice to add a feature in the schema properties that removes the save & save and publish buttons and customize the forms not only for registration to the database, but for other operations such as calculation, web service, etc., according to this added button.

Thanks for your support

Can you not accomplish this with a custom editor. You just need a dummy field

many things can be done like this, but the fact that squidex provides this in the standard can create a point that appeals to many users. As I said, it is possible to hide the save and save&publish buttons in the schema features, that is, not a saving correction form, but allowing the schema to be used directly with a single structure, which can pave the way for many things.

What I said may sound a bit complicated, just to be more descriptive;

The form works only through scripts

Thus, the forms can be customized and call the web service. New form features can be gained with the information obtained from another web service and content. It should also still be usable in Squidex notifications. For example: Form submitted. Form Failed to Submit Validation Error etc. it may be necessary to add some javascript methods for these and make improvements.

and also these buttons and forms must be able to run the Rules feature by defining events.

Thus, a very powerful feature will be gained.

I see two things there.

  1. We already have UI fields. We can extend this and allow a custom UI field type which just renders a custom editor.

  2. Then you also want to have schemas that behave different. They do not save content, but are just usable in the UI; but still can be submitted? What happens with the submit? Will it just be a frontend thing and handled with JavaScript or some backend code?

It would be easier for me to have concrete use cases.

These are just my ideas. You can improve this place and make it serve a better purpose.

my purpose;
I need to create forms with the data on Squidex and request web services with these forms, but I don’t want the data to be recorded while doing these. I just want to take advantage of the form feature. or I want to be able to show the result to the user by making some calculations on the form using javascript.

I shared some images above about how the schema and form side should be.

The rules side can be like this.

a new feature should be added here “Button Clicked”

From the technical point of view any event needs to be stored somehow. So it would not make any difference to submit a dummy value, vs to submit “FormEvent”.

But when using a dummy content, you can also track, what is actually submitted.

Don’t you plan to do this development I mentioned?

I still do not understand it fully, have you seen my latest comment? I do not understand where the problem is by storing the content in the DB, just as a log.

We can also discuss it next week: https://calendly.com/squidex-meeting/30min

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