[DECLINED] Raspberry pi 4 - Docker image


I just tried to install the docker image on my Raspberry pi, but unfortunately isn’t that possible. After some research I found out that Squidex is compiled in amd64. The Raspberry can’t handle that. What are the possibilities to compile it in ARM and make that available as docker image as well? Or is that not possible at all?

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I think it is possible, but I am not going to work on that.

I understand, no problem. I’ll see what I can do myself.

The reason is that when I do it, I have to support it and I get a lot of questions about docker and kubernetes and IIS and very often I have the impression that some people do not understand their own production environment, e.g. when people ask me how to get logs from IIS or docker. I think you should not host Squidex yourself, when you do not have monitoring and a good logging infrastructure in place.

I understand it completely, it’s not just making a docker image available but its also the support you have to deliver then. But im going to try to compile it myself and create a private docker image.

Yea and your cloud hosting is cheaper than hosting it on Azure or something like that.
But im going to figure it out and otherwise its not that big of a deal, thanks for the explanation.

If you want to share your experience your are very welcome to write a page for the docs, but I would add a note, that it is not officially supported

I can probably do that. I let you know about it when I have the time and found a solution.

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Can you provide me with the source code of squidex/nginx-proxy.
Because i need to rebuild that one as well so i can use it with an ARM architecture. I couldn’t find it in your repos.

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I didn’t get it to work, but I pulled the git repo and now i’m running that on my raspberry pi. So you can close this topic if you want.

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