[DECLINED] Odata $select query

I’d like to be able to define the returned field of the response of an OData query. Currently it doesn’t seem possible. Is it?

from this :

ngAfterContentInit(): void {
  console.log('test :');
  this.findContent('users?$select={total}').subscribe(x => console.log(x));

findContent(oDataQuery: string): Observable<Object> {
  const url = `${this.END_POINT}${oDataQuery}`;
  return this.httpClient.get(url) as Observable<Object>;

I tried with all standard OData valid queries: “$select=total”, “$count” and “$inlineCount” none of them works

I should only have this :

or something like : “{ ‘total’ : 4}”

See: https://docs.squidex.io/02-documentation/developer-guides/api-overview/api#odata-queries

Do you mean that will never been possible? $filter is the equivalent of a WHERE clause in SQL, I need a SELECT. Nowhere in this page select use is mention.

Erf… My bad :

I would never say never, but I think we should focus on GraphQL instead of Odata. Implementing these operators is not that easy as you cannot just add the Microsoft libraries with a few lines of code.

I understand, thank you :slight_smile: