[DECLINED] No version fields support


Hi @Sebastian

I’m trying to using squidex do some cool things.

Using squidex be communicate bridge to separate the frontend(Web) and backend(console or service).
so fronend only need do:

  1. upload file
  2. create content
  3. looping content status


  1. read file from content hub.
  2. keep update statue to content.

so my question, can we make some field no version. like sitecore cms, because every time the backend change the content squiex will create a history.

Make content DB more configurable

No, this would not work and would create several other issues.


But you could make this setting configurable: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/src/Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.MongoDb/History/MongoHistoryEventRepository.cs#L53


Thanks. @Sebastian
I mean, Does this feature is reasonable? can just put it in the bottom of plan list.


Any feature is reasonable, but this one has so many side effects, that it is not very likely that it will be implemented.


Okay, thanks.

Currently, Squdiex has 1 content store implements(MongoDB). but in the future maybe we have more.

Dose squiex can make content db more configurable by app or even schema.
if that it will bring much more benefit.

  1. if content DB is heavy, we may need separate content DB by the app. so we don’t need to worried different app impact each other.

  2. high-performance, without history and stableness, redis DB or other memory DB,
    For example:
    Session: the session alive time only for 20 mins if the user no longer access it. we can create a high-performance schema to store the session. the management portal can manage them.

communicate bridge:


Hi, can you create a separate post for this question, because I do not see how it is related.


I already create one.