[DECLINED] Localized dropdown string is not available

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Current behavior

If you create a localized string field, and you want to select value in dropdown selector.
You cannot use the localization.
There is only one dropbox setup in schema, and same in content edition.

Expected behavior

For doing simple, x ordonate fields should be available for fill x dropdowns that depend of localization
In content edit, you can use one dropdown, and each localized value are fill with the good value from the correspondante field filled in the schema.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create string field
check localized
Save and edit field
In Editing tab
Editor = Dropdown
only one field for setup values in dropdowns for all locales


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You want to define allowed values per language? If the answer is Yes, then it is not a bug but a feature request. But it is hard to understand.

Sorry for my uggly english… LOL
Yes I would like to allowed differentes values by language.
If it is a new feature, what mean localization and dropdown input ?

Then you are better with a reference I guess. e.g. lets assume you want to select a country.


  1. Create a new schema called country and give it a localizable name field.
  2. Add a reference field to your other schema.
  3. Select dropdown for this field.

I understood, good idea. Thanks

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