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is there any way we can set default filter on reference select list

i want some filter like this as default for my existig reference list

Any update for this?

I am very sorry that I have not seen this. What do you mean with default filter for references? In general it is not possible due to bad performance to filter by values of referenced contents but you can do that with graphql.

Basically i need to add reference but in list of item i want to show item that has isActive field true. I tried custom editor but bringing exact feature as list is difficult.

There is a sample for that: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/src/Squidex/wwwroot/scripts/editor-references.html

i tried using custom dropdown but for our use case we need list, In this we need records filtered

I see,

I will have a look what I can do I change this to a feature request.

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Would you just remove the normal filter feature then, if a filter is set?

No, normal filter feature is also required !

So would it be that both filters need to be applied or just a default filter?

both filter is required, like find active users having name xyz

Not sure whether I am going to implement that, it adds a lot of complexity.

I think I will not going to implement that for now. Sorry.

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