[DECLINED] Extract Squidex components into separate nuget packages

I’m currently looking around for a new content platform framework for our business, and squidex caught my eye mainly because of the workflow & custom schema support, as well as the out-the-box support for adding our own custom editors which is a must for us.

The main thing that is turning me off though is the need to clone the main repo in order to make modifications or extend the Squidex core; this would be a massive maintainance pain and would be a blocker to adopting the system.

Could i propose that the packages be published as separate libraries on Nuget so that I could pull them into my own Web project rather than having to base myself on the squidex git repo?


I am thinking about this for a while now. What has stopped me so far are two things:


Right now the versioning is mostly about API and database changes.

With Nuget there is an additional dimensions when a minor change for a user could be a very big change in the underlying C# classes.


Nothing problematic, but before publishing nuget packages I would also separate interfaces from implementations, because of two reasons:

  1. It makes the versioning issue a little bit smaller.
  2. It is an indicator what can be extended and what should not be touched.

But this is only for writing extensions. To make it a library that can be added to an own Web project is another story.

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