[DECLINED] Editor to design the expressions in schema triggers

Loving the webhook feature so far… however, I must say I’m a fan of ealier versions of the UI/UX. It is way simpler to understand and to work with.

I totally see the need for the more recent UI/UX changes but I think both UI/UX should be available.


Not as much as the above UI:

What exactly do you mean? If you would add the schema you can define a condition.

I’m referring to the actual UI. Before there were nice checkboxes for the events, now I have to manually type these in, in condition-like statements. That is not good UX. :slight_smile:

I know, but it is much more powerful as the examples show. My resources are limited and if I would have to create a UI for all the features that are possible with expressions I would be busy for the full year.

But I was thinking about an expression generator.

In you example you can just write event.type != 'Archived'

Absolutely, totally understandable.
I can manage, but might be harder for others.
Can we at least add a list of all the events in the docs? Because that was initially the first question that I had. And add a code snippet for lets say this view:

Currently I’m just listening for ALL events. Slows down my app but I can get things done faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Then just leave the expression empty :wink:

Oh, I can do that? That’s great. Will try it then, thanks.

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