[DECLINED] Default value for Component field

Hello, would like to request a “Default value” feature for Component field.
Not first time this need occurs.

There are some topics around Default value for Reference fields.
And this one says it’s implemented for Component field.

[SOLVED] Default value(s) for reference fields - how to use this functionality?

But, there’s no any sign of availabity to set the Default value.
Taking UI as base example - lacks of “Default value” within Validation tab.

Explored also the SDK seems not to support it.

I think the default value of the individual component fields should apply here…

It’s not applicable automatically.
I have to press the button “Add Component” to formally add it, if IsRequiredForPublish.

I’ve tried to use like
“defaultValue” : ["<<schema.name>>"]
this property is not present is schema field’s JSON and is cutted down when applied.

Good point … I will think about that.

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I have decided against it. It would be a very technical feature and you could also achieve that with scripting.

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