[DECLINED] Auto compress original assets and remove asset not linked to contents

Hello there,

I would like to suggest a new features.

  1. Original asset compressing
    When we import assets, the assets are saved in their original size/quality.
    It will be useful to have the possibility to activate an automatic compression on the assets to reduce the global “asset size”, there are tools like this one which allow reducing asset weight without lose quality : https://tinyjpg.com/

  2. Filter by assets not linked to any contents
    Have the possibility to filter assets which are not linked to any contents, it’s a good way to check for unused assets and remove them.

What do you think ?

Thank you very much. the first thing will be difficult but you should always request the assets in the size that you need.

The second one is useful, I think

Can you please create two separate feature requests?

I created a second ticket for the second suggestion : Filter by assets not linked to any contents

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I have no plans to implement this feature. It is very dependent on the used libraries and when your request the image in the needed size you have optimal results.

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