[DECLINED] Allow meta fields for UI "Reference Fields" setting


Currently the “Reference Fields” view implicitly adds the meta.status.color information, however we’ve had a request to instead use the meta.status instead like we do in contents view that includes the name of the status along with the colour (removes any ambiguity and potentially is an accessibility issue for colour-blind users). Currently you cannot select any meta data for the “Reference Field” setting, is this possible to support or was there a reason for excluding them for performance reasons or something?

Also we have some schemas where content is always published so in that situation we would not need any status column.

If support for this does happen you would need to decide on what to do for existing implementations to avoid unexpectedly removing the meta.status.color from everyone’s implementations, perhaps show it if no other meta fields have been specified?

The reason is that you can reference contents from multiple schemas and it is better to have at least some shared columns.

Ah right thanks for the clarification. So you would either need to change the default meta field for everyone or do something overly complicated like combine all meta fields, showing them for all content in the same position and ignoring the order defined for the meta fields in each individual schema.

Will report back!

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