[DECLINED] Adjustable Date/Time Format

Hi Sebastian,

It would be great to be able to set the way the system displays the date and time in the application settings or administration panel settings.

content type: when date or date is time

dd / MM / YYYY
dd / MM / YYYY hh: mm


MM / dd / YY hh: mm: ss

It would be nice to have fields that we can setup here.

What is the intention? Localization?

Yes, Localization.

I am making data entries in Turkish and the date format for Turkish is wrong.

The data format for dates is always ISO8601, it is language independent and up to you to format it properly in your UI.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to put such an option for localization?

What I’m talking about is actually being able to arrange this place.
For Turkish data entry, I actually expect it to be:


We have to distinguish what we need do in the Management UI and what is stored in the database and backend.

if we localize the Management UI to Turkish it makes absolutely sense to care about this problem, but I think it does not make sense to just take care about this single place here. There are other places where we show times as well.

You are absolutely right. If you need help with translation into Turkish, I can provide it.

Thank you for your support

Right now the translations are driven by the community, you can have a look to this document: https://docs.squidex.io/01-getting-started/contributing-and-developing/translating

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