DateTime default property different than empty

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Current behavior

This is my data. From top to bottom. The first {iv:null} is the default value. The second is a select date.
The third though is when i clear the date. I expected a {iv:null} but receive a {}. This cause errors.


Expected behavior

When I clear a DateTime field, the data should be {iv:null}.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create DateTime field in schema (invariant). Save a DateTime. Remove DateTime (by using the X).


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Hi, I think the main issue would be the invariant converter because there might be other cases where a field is undefined.

Ok if this is by design we will update the converter :+1:

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A PR is very welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastian,

I just added an ugly value == null check. This works for us, because all our properties are nullable.
I dont know if this behaviour is usefull for others.

In my opinion the best solution would be to set the value to { “iv”, null } when invariant properties are cleared. But again… I can’t say if this is possible / breaking for other code.