Date / Time format not applied to form fields / popup

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Current behavior

Expected behavior

The display pattern for a DateTime field should be used in the Content form editing view for that field.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Step 1: set the pattern for the DateTime field as in the image below

Step 2: go to content and add a new data record. The date / time displayed is not using the pattern defined for the field in the schema definition. See the image below:


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The same issue applied to other areas like the popup displayed to pick a future date / time for publishing content.
That date / time format should also take into account the current culture date / time format settings.

It has never been implemented for this control, because it was not requested and you don’t know which part is the date and which part is the time.

The second example does not make sense, because it is not relate to the field.

Thanks for confirmation. Is there a way to change the date / time format for all the UIs across the board? Or does it have to be implemented separately in each case ? (form field, popup, etc)
Thank you!

Usually the date time is following the locale setting of the UI, so when you change the UI to chinese, you should have chinese date time formats. If you want to control it independently, you could create a PR for that.