Customer Editor access content id

Hi, we are about to write a custom editor, and we are depending on external service where we need a reference to the content we are changing.

Is it possible to fetch the ID of the content through the editor.sdk ?

Not yet, but there is the form context:

You could provide a PR to extend the form context with more information, I think the full content object would make sense.

Hi Sebastian, when do you think this change can be part of a production relase?

I guess I can make the release today.

Thanks :slight_smile:

In the Cloud Squidex platform, how can I extend Tiny MCE editor by using their subscription plan(premium account) to improve the experience of the editor to allow for enhanced media embeds like twitter, pinterest and instagram embeds.

Enhanced Media Embed plugin

You have to write a custom editor for that.

What are the resources to write a custom editor for Cloud version of Squidex and where should I code it up. Please point to any existing examples of custom editors coded for Cloud Version of Squidex

Have you seen this: ?