Custom login page squidex on VPS ( seft hosted docker )

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Current behavior

After following the, I have got a self hosted with docker, I install on VPS (ubuntu 18.4). And now I want to custom login page ( example change logo or change content ). I can’t find file location of squidex login page ( example html, css, js ) on my VPS, so I can’t custom login page. Sorry, if my english is not enough @@

Expected behavior

So Can I custom login page on my VPS with docker ?

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Want to custom login page


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The frontend is implemented as a single page application. There is no page file or readable css file anymore. You have to make the changes directly in code and build your own docker image.

I see this in tutorial, is that right?

Yes, it is the correct one.

Thank you for your constant support! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the tutorial link.

Hello, I tried (2.Build for manual deployment, 2.2. Build it manually, 2.2.1. Build the .NET 3.0 version), and this is my current folder, How do I deploy it to nginx ?

I would just follow this tutorial:

But in general docker is easier:

  1. Build Squidex with docker and give it a custom tag docker build . -t acme/squidex:1.
  2. Push your tag to a docker registry: docker push acme/squidex:1.
  3. Reference your tag in the docker compose file.

Thank you, but it give me unable to prepare context: unable to evaluate symlinks in Dockerfile path: lstat /root/squidex/Dockerfile: no such file or directory, after i try docker build . -t acme/squidex:1, sr i’m new with docker

Have you checked whether this file exists and have you checked google for a solution? It is really hard to provide support for all cases and platforms.

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