Custom Integration Topic Reference needed


We are working in a internal custom integration and inside it we need to know from what topic the event came from.

Is this possible?

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Henrique Melo

When you build an integration, you implement something like IEmailSender and so on, which only gets the bare minimum of data. So we could extend that. What kind of integration do you write?

Depending on the topic we needed to send an email from a different mail.
We will need to request our database to know from witch email to send and the the email server info.

Channel settings exist on all levels, e.g. user, event, subscription…so you could just overwrite the fromEmail when you subscribe a user to a topic, see:

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Thank’s, that helps!

For the use-cases that I have in mind this will work. We will be using SendGrid, probably some topics may need to use a different account.

We don’t need it right now, but in this use-case the custom integration would need to request the database (for this request we would need the topic information) and use the personalized keys.

If we need to implement something like that in the future and we need extra information I will let you know.

Best Regards,
Henrique Melo

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If you want to have a normal SendGrid integration, I can provide that or support you, if you want to provide a PR :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it will be me implementing, but I will try in the next weeks to make a PR.
We might have a few questions about the code it self but we will let you know.

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I just had a look to SendGrid. it is just smtp, so the integration would just predefine the host name.

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Thanks for the feedback!

At the moment I am working in another feature and I have a colleague looking into the Notifo SDK, as soon as I have free time I will look into the SendGrid integration to send a PR.

I have a question regardless the Notifo versioning. At the moment the the releases have the “dev” and “latest” tags. But if we want to lock the docker version to a specific version of the “latest” tag (I think the latest is the latest stable version) I think it’s not possible.

I also saw that Squidex and Notifo at the moment have a problem executing the docker image on M1/M2 processors. I wanted to try modify the Notifo image in order to try to fix the issue, but I couldn’t find the docker file. Just the docker compose file.

Let me know if it’s better to create a new post for this questions.

There is also a release version:

It is more a .NET problem … But the dockerfile is here:

It is just showing the dev tags not sure why but I can’t find the release version. But this isn’t urgent.

Sorry about that, when I tried to find it I was tired and wasn’t looking in the right place. My bad :sweat_smile:

Sorry, something with the link went wrong:

Search for 1.. Don’t forget the dot.

I think I will change the tage strategy and publish to notifo-dev:$Build

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Thank’s a lot, I found it.

With that change it would be interesting if the releases appeared in the repo like they appear in the Squidex repo.

How do you mean that?

Squidex shows the last release in the right. And if we click, it shows more he shows all releases.
The Notifo repo does not show it in the right, we need to go to “tags” and then “releases”.

It’s minor, but I find myself using that information to keep track of Squidex releases a lot.

Thats interesting. have never realized that.

Updated. There was a small setting I was not aware of:

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Thank’s for the quick update!

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