Custom editor not shown in content (json definition)

I have an issue when I’m trying to use a custom editor ( I’ve tried the older versions (less than 3 I forget the exact version) it works fine, but I need also new features so I’m using version 6.

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Current behavior

I set the editor url
then on my content page it’s not shown because the ifame element has height: 0

Expected behavior

The editor page is correctly shown on the content page


App Name:

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Version: locally with image (image: “squidex/squidex:6”)


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Hi. You have to define the height inside your iframe and you have to use the editor SDK, because the SDK has to send the height to the parent frame.

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Thank you, Sebastian! How can I correctly integrate the editor SDK with ( that is an angular app. I saw the examples of cke-editor, react json schema editor samples, but there are no samples with angular. Could you help me?

Where exactly is the issue? The main challenge with angular is to combine it with the editor, because you need a build process. But I will see if I can write a sample today.

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I appreciate your support, thank you! I implemented the data updating on a content page, however, I’m not sure that my way is correct. I’d be grateful to see samples.

Here is the sample:

The relevant lines are this:

  1. Add a reference to the editor SDK:


  1. Bind the editor to a FormControl:
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Great, thank you, Sebastian!

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