Create a foregin key reference in Squidex

I have a schema (StatusMaster) to store some master data. Also I have another transactional schema (Person). Is it possible to create a logical reference with the status code field in the transactional schema with master schema.

StatusMaster- StatusCode, StatusMessage
Person - PersonId, PersonName, StatusCode.

You can use custom IDs, then your status code would be the primary key of the record and then a normal reference from Person to StatusMaster.

There is a small button to set the ID:

Dear Sebastin, Thanks for your response. But I couldnt find the icon in my schema. Also how to add a reference in Squidex?

You add a reference field:

And then you define which schemas can be referenced:

my schema is called “json”, but this does not matter.

Waaw. you are simply amazing. Thanks for the quick response.

Just for the understanding. If I create a master status codes in the my master schema. And add field(status code) in my transactional schema. Hence all the codes created in the master schema will only be accessible in the transactional schema field? hope you understood my question.

Hi, we are facing a peculiar case with PUT api request. We have schema person(Id, Name, Address, Phone). For creating a record we are using POST verb and passing all the fields. However, in case of update we are passing the required field to be updated (eg:phone) rest as empty. In this case, the other fields are getting overwritten as empty.

Method :
Task<ApiResponse> UpdatePersonAsync(string id, Person request);

You want to use the Patch endpoint.