Content visibility by role

I want to make different content available to different users (say by role) through the API. Is it possible to do this with Squidex or is that something I need to handle myself?

Have you read this?

Thanks Sebastian. I did read that.
Before I start I want to say I love Squidex - it’s lightening fast.
Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. There will be a small number of content authors but a large number of readers.
  2. Readers will have to login to access content.
  3. Different content should be available to different groups of users.
  4. Content will probably have the same schema.
  5. I am unsure if the readers will be Squidex users - probably not.
  6. I want the author to choose what content can be seen by what user groups.
  7. Ideally I don’t want to put the logic of who can see what in the client application - I want Squidex to return the relevant content and if a request was made to access content to which you are not authorised you would get a 401 or 404.

Maybe I am misunderstanding but can the permissions deliver that?

No, this cannot be accomplished with permissions. The minimum level is per schema.

I would just use a tags field for that with a set of predefined values, in your case the roles and then use a checkbox editor so that your content authors can easily select the target roles.

Then just use a simple query, e.g. with OData:

`$filter=data/roles/iv eq 'premium-user``

BTW: Thanks for your warm words :slight_smile:

Thanks Sebastian - that makes sense

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