Components and the ability to localize

Hi everyone,

I’m just testing out the new components feature and it works pretty well!

There’s one thing I’ve put some thoughts into:

Current Status seems to be:

  • We can localize fields in a component
  • We can enable localization for whole components
  • If a field within the component is localizable but the component itself is not localizable within another schema, we can’t set different values for languages. (and I think this is good the way it is)
  • If only some fields of a component are localizable but the other ones are not + the component itself is set as localizable, we can localize the fields.
    BUT: In this case the fields which we didn’t set localizable within the components also have to be individually filled.
    –> Shouldn’t we only have to fill the localizable ones and share the other values between the languages?

My example use-case:
I have team-members who have the same name in every language but a different description per language.
Currently I’d have to re-fill the name in every language.

How do you think about that?

Best regards


Your description is correct. Even thought if you have a localized field it is ignored for components.

The reason is that I would like to simplify it. If you have localized fields in localized component field you have 2 level of localization which will be very complicated for content editors and also when you use the API.

Components are meant to be for simple nested fields and not a replacement for references. I know that this is debatable but I wanted to try it out like this for now.

I also does not mean that it will be like that forever.


Greetings, Sebastian! Is there some kind of documentation or description about how the components should work?
I have an idea to build pages dynamically, depends on which components included inside the Page scheme content. So, maybe this feature could help me?

Hey Sebastian,

thanks for the quick answer!
I totally agree with keeping it simple and just wanted to start the debate somehow.

@Rostyslav_Ruban I think there’s no documentation yet, since the feature hasn’t been officially released. I just depend on the components while building a website and want to test the feature already.
For testing you can get one of the newest dev docker images or build from master since the components already are on master! It’s pretty self-explanatory and you can just start using it!

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Not yet, it is not even released officially yet. I hope to release it to the cloud tomorrow and then as new version soon.