Clustering: Support to run Squidex in Azure App Services


One of the changes in the 6.1.0 release is “Support to run Squidex in Azure App Services”. Is there any info on what combination of app settings are needed in order to take advantage of this new feature please?


Yes, it is described here:

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I’ve followed those steps. The “az webapp config set” command didn’t create an environment variable for WEBSITE_PRIVATE_PORTS. Did you come across that at all?

Maybe a daft question but how do you know clustering is working e.g. in the Orleans Dashboard everything looks healthy (even without that variable, 1 active silo, no errors)?

Should ORLEANS__CLUSTERING be set to something other than ‘Development’ ?

Sorry, yes…

ORLEANS_CLUSTERING should be set to “MongoDB”, then you should see the correct amount of silos in the dashboard.

I have not tested it yet, but a customer/user of Squidex has tested it and it works for him, the WEBSITE_PRIVATE_PORTS variable comes from azure and there is no known way to customize that.