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Current behavior

Cloud login without email and password, only via GOOGLE, GITHUB, MICROSOFT

Expected behavior

I could login at using email and password

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I create an google account and try to login, once inside my project disappeared with all the data I had created, more than 5k rows of content! My website is down! Help Please!


I cannot remember that email and password login was ever enabled, because Squidex does not have a registration form.

So I wonder how your content can get lost. What is your app name?

well, I could and I created the app named rankingbet => email user
I had also created api secret keys and everything to connect to graphql.

you have to describe me, how…Your account has a Github profile associated.

I do have an github account for that email, I need for the deployment of the frontend.
I also tried to login with the github account and the project is not there, empty projects.

which account do you want to use? can try to add you again as a contributor

the github one please

Does it work? If not, can you ensure that it is the primary github email address?

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Yes! I got access back! thank you very much! Great tool btw!

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