ClientLibrary throws SocketException 995

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Current behavior

We are currently using the ClientLibrary create and get content from our app in our C# solution.
Some times, multiple times a day we a 500 exception when using the library. We use the following code:

private async Task<string> GetSiteId(string siteHost)
        var sites = _squidexClient.CreateContentsClient<Site, SiteData>("sites");
        var resp = await sites.GetAsync(new ContentQuery
            Filter = $"data/host/iv eq '{siteHost}'"
        var siteId = "";
        if (resp.Total > 0)
            siteId = resp.Items[0].Id;

        return siteId;

This works fine and we can get the content normally. But sometimes we get the following exception: (Sorry for the danish language)
We have some retry functionality, and 9/10 times it works the second time.

What I could find about the 995 error is that the error comes since you try to continue read from the socket when it has most likely been closed.

Expected behavior

I expect it to succeed for every request with no exceptions thrown

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Version: 5.2.0


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It just sounds like your connection drops. There is no guarantee of course, but I think it is not a Squidex error.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound right that it should be a connection drop - Either way if that happens, something should kick in to help the connection drop…

The issue happens both on our Azure web app and locally.

I have never seen a 995, I could not even find a good explanation for that.

Me neither :confused: