CLI Import from CSV


I am just after some help in using the SquidEx CLI to import some data from a CSV File.

I have setup the configuration to talk to SquidEx Cloud.

I have created a simple Schema with 3 fields (DealerName, DealerCode, State).

I have a CSV File with 3 columns (DealerName, DealerCode, State).

I’m trying to use

sq.exe content import dealers dealerlist2.csv --fields=DealerName,DealerCode,State

But all I get are blank entries in SquidEx.

I’m assuming I’m not doing something right with the Field Definition - any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!



Looks good I think. Would you send me your CSV file so that I can test it?

Thanks Sebastian, Sample CSV link below

In the Schema I have DealerCode set as an Integer (all other values are strings) - could that be impacting anything?

I will find out, whats going on

Hi, you have used the wrong delimiter (there is an option for that), but I have also pushed a new version with a fix and an error if a field cannot be found.

Thanks Sebastian, I downloaded the new release (1.6) and added


All working - thanks for your help!


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