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Current behavior

I tried generating the c# client from the swagger client cloud version and I found a strange behavoir. After the last generation, that has been perfomed some months ago, the properties of my schema were flagged as “Required = Newtonsoft.Json.Required.Defaul”, now instead with “Required = Newtonsoft.Json.Required.DisallowNull”. With this modification when I try to deserialize some content that do not have some property valorized I get a DeserilizationException. Since I do not changed the schemas, this must be some bug in the swagger.json definition.

Here a comparison between the two version of the generated code of a variable of one of my classes:

[Newtonsoft.Json.JsonProperty(“FooterContentsMobile”, Required = Newtonsoft.Json.Required.Default, NullValueHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.NullValueHandling.Ignore)]
public ChannelconfigFooterContentsMobileProperty FooterContentsMobile { get; set; }

[Newtonsoft.Json.JsonProperty(“CustomerModelMandatoryFields”, Required = Newtonsoft.Json.Required.DisallowNull, NullValueHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.NullValueHandling.Ignore)]
public ChannelconfigCustomerModelMandatoryFieldsProperty CustomerModelMandatoryFields { get; set; }

Expected behavior

If in the schema configuration the field is not mandatory, the generated client with swagger must handle the null value


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the json has been changed from Swagger to OpenAPI. Which generator do you use?

In general I recommend to configure to ignore validation properties such as Required, because even though your field might be required now, it can be null when it was not required before or has been added after some content has been inserted.

I am not sure if this is really a bug.

Hi Sebastian,
Thank you for your explaination. I will try to solve this issue directly in my generator.
You can close this issue

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