Change name of app

I signed up for the free account and created a “test” app for a proof of concept. As often happens, the proof of concept has evolved into what will actually be the real app.

Is it possible to rename the app so it’s not called “test”?

I only care because the app name will be visible to the client when they do content entry and doesn’t look professional for them to be entering content into something called “test”.

Alternatively, is it possible to create a new app and migrate all content into it?

I am sorry to say No to both.

The reason is that the app name is used in hundreds of places and therefore cannot be changed. The backup system I am working on would solve the second question, but it is not ready yet. The only option I see now is to export the schemas and to reimport them. We/you could write a tool for that.

What options do I have at this point? If I cannot get a different App name, then all the work I’ve done is throw away work and I’ll have to re-do it manually.

How far out is the back/restore system from being ready?


1-2 weeks I hope, I always get other stuff in.