Change name of app or make copy

I want to change the name of an application we made in the Squidex cloud. I see that changing the name is not possible from the setting, but I also cannot find a way to either duplicate the app or to import a backup.
I want to change the name of template-poc to cw-analyse.

I would recommend to change the label of the app. Then you do not have to see it all the time. The only place is basically your one setting in your code where you configure the app name.

Otherwise you can also sent me a link to the backup and I can restore it tomorrow. But then you get new content ids.

Okay thanks Sebastian. We’ll change the label for now.

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@sjroesink did you manage to make a copy of your APP from within the UI? We need to replicate an existing app but when we try to do a backup on the UI it stops after a while and fails.

The logs should help…