Change Billing Account Email

Hello, how are you? I need to change the email owner of my app’s, because the person who created the account no longer works at my company, and I need to download invoices every month to send to my finance department.

I need to change the account owner to


I can only cancel your subscription. The problem is that the subscriptions are assigned to the users in the billing system. So I can cancel your subscription and then you create a new one.

There is also no user with an sgviagens account, only with

But if you cancel my subscription I will not lose the amount I have already paid for an APP? Do I not lose everything I have already created within Apps, Application Id’s?

Theoretically you loose it, but I can void your first invoice then. You will get it as a credit note into your account and the amount will be deducted from your next invoice. So the sum of all payments will be the same.