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Hi Sebastian
I have a reference schema (countries) which is referred in another schema (employee).
I don’t set the Id field in Countries schema, so it takes the
Now in the Employee, as I am referring countries, I need to capture the id of countries too
(Kafka rules)
I can’t seem to figure out how to get the countries id in the Employee kafka rule.
I tried few things like:
In Employee rules…
{% reference ‘Countries’,[0] %}
“Countries”: “{{}}” – doesn’t see to work. It comes null.
“CountriesName”: “{{}}” - - this works fine and returns countries name

I can’t see to figure out as why id doesn’t work.
Thanks in advance.

There is no question here. Can I delete it?

Sorry took me a while to write the question

Hi, I don’t understand why


does not work. It could be a bug and I will have a look,

BUT you already have the id with[0]

Why do you even resolve the reference?

Hi Sebastian

I could actually get value from[0].
The mistake I made was by taking it as reference, and then using id.

Its working now. Pls if you can close the ticket.

Thanks for your help !

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