Can't start standalone noproxy version for Docker on custom port

I use the regular Squidex no-proxy configuration for docker-compose which I took from the official github profile. My issue is that I already have other images and other containers so I can’t use 80 port. I change the configuration in the file and received the following code in docker-compose-noproxy.yml:

       - "8889:80"
      test: ["CMD", "curl", "-f", "http://localhost:5000/healthz"]
      start_period: 60s

So when I execute docker-compose -f docker-compose-noproxy.yml up the app starts well but I receive a following out after docker container ps command:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                              COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                     PORTS                                                                              NAMES
bafcf2286f0f        squidex/squidex:5                  "dotnet Squidex.dll"     2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes (unhealthy)   8889/tcp, 11111/tcp,>80/tcp  

I can’t reach the app using HTTP://my-ip:8889. I receive 400 error in browser but no error in Squidex logs.
What do I do wrong?

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Current behavior

The app starts well but I have unhealthy mark and can’t reach the app through url.

Expected behavior

I want to have healthy mark and reach the app through URL for to add its configuration to my nginx.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Change the default port in docker-compose-noproxy.yml


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Version: [latest]


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Squidex currently blocks all ports that are not the same as the port described under urls:baseUrl. This is a bug and already fixed. I will release a new version soon. Until then I would just delete your health check or reconfigure the internal port of squidex with


Then all ports are the same and you should have no issue.

I’ve done it but the result is still the same…

Have you also changed the base url environment variable? Can you ensure that squidex is running using this port?

url: yes, it is changed to domain. I contact through “http://IP:port”
I sent the log from containers above, there is written that the app uses this port…

I guess you have to wait for the new release with the health check, because a IP address is also a hostname from the HTTP perspective and you have to different hosts now.

If host+port combo is not the same as urls:baseUrl it will be blocked.

Thank you. Is it possible to know when it will be the next release?

Very soon. Today I just released a new version to the cloud. I am waiting a little bit to check for new errors and bug reports or so and then I will release a new version. But you can always try a dev version of course, e.g. dev-5262