Cannot log on via Google due to error

When I want to sign up to a company specific Squidex page using Google log on, I get an error:

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

You cannot logon in the app, as this does not meet the Google policy for OAuth 2.0 policy.

I have 2 step verification on google, where is the error? Also i have an account on where I can logon with google, then why can I not sign up for a company specific page?

Hope that you can help.

Lars Oostveen

Hi Lars,

I cannot reproduce it. Are you talking about I am logged in with


Hi Sebastian,

I am trying to log on to, here I encounter the issue.


So it is your own deployment? Which version do you use and what is your redirect uri that you have configured in your Google app settings?

Btw: This is what the support template is for.

By default Squidex enables Google authentication for development purposes. It is turned off in the docker-compose setting, but it does not mean that it works out of the box for a custom domain.

If you use a custom domain you have to create your own app in Google Developer console:

Then you have to configure the redirect uri to point to

Then you google client Id and secret and override the Squidex defaults: