Cannot find endpoint for getting multiple items by id

There’s an endpoint for getting multiple items by id:[app-name]?ids=[ids]

This endpoint is used to get the items that are added to a reference field. These items can come from multiple schemas, so I cannot use the schema-specific endpoints.

The problem is that I cannot find a way to call this method using the c# client (I also cannot find it in the Swagger docs).

You are right, it is not documented in the squidex client library:

Thanks for your quick reply, but this is the content client for a specific schema right? How would I initialize this client, since I don’t know which schema the items belong to? Something like this: _clientManager.CreateContentsClient<Content<object>, object>(string.Empty);?

No, you actually get content items across schemas.

Each content item has also a schema id and schema name. You can try to serialize it to a dynamic structure such as JObject for the data.

Yeah, I can see that that method calls the endpoint that gets items across schemas. But I was confused since it’s part of the ContentsClient class that requires me to provide the entity type, data type and schema prefix.
I’ll try to create a generic client where I use a JObject as the data type, and provide no schema prefix:

_clientManager.CreateContentsClient<Content<JObject>, JObject>(string.Empty);

Yes, I understand the confusion. The method has been introduced after I started with the SDK and therefore I just kept it like this.

Somebody should take the time and write XML docs for the client library.