Can rules conflict with each other?

I have to rules with the exact same trigger and condition (run when a piece of content from schema article is published). One rule sends a webhook to the live site and the other rule sends it to the beta version of the site.

This way it is easy to keep them both updated, and it is also possible to ‘freeze’ the live version, while something is tested in the beta version. I have stopped the rule for the live site now, but it seems that the rule for the beta site does not trigger either, even though it is active (green button).

My very general and open question is this:
Are there any known situations or conditions under which rules in Squidex might conflict with each other or cause some kind of unintended behaviour if they are too similar?

Oh, now I notice none of my automatic rules have triggered for the last three hours…

Fixed, they continue running now.

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Ur a customer service grand master

If this would be the case they would never have stopped :frowning: