Can I include schema name with id on selecting components__Dynamic GraphQL

I started to write the dynamic build front-end service, with squidex on the background, so I can create multiple, different-type components inside the “Page” schema. The concept is that any time I could add any component (pre-created schema inside admin panel) inside Page content, it will be rendered on the front-end part, so I should get the component content, insert it inside the front-end component, and put it inside the page. My problem is that I want to use the scheme name as a connector between the front-end part and squidex. I’m trying to get all pages by GraphQl query, but got the only schemaId, without scheme inside components__Dynamic:

queryPagesContents {
    data {
      code {
      components__Dynamic {


Is that possible to include the schema name here?


Self-hosted with IIS

Version: 5.7.0

In GraphQL you have the __typeName which can be used.

Btw: Why is your version 2.7.0?

Mistake :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, just realized that the typeName is also not part of the dynamic elements. I will have a look what I can do.

Just change this ticket to a support request (but only if you format the code properly :wink: )

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I’m getting info from components__Dynamic iv
so, I can’t use __typename inside JsonScalar type (must not have a sub selection)