Build sitemap - .NET SDK query all content where value exists for a property


I am trying to build an XML sitemap for search engine indexing and also create a sitemap page to help my client click through all the pages in the site. My initial approach was to add a sitemapUrl field that if provided will list in the sitemap along with the last updated date of the content. Perhaps that’s not the most effective approach, but I have quite a few schemas that contribute to page rendering, so I thought it would be easiest to search for content across multiple schemas.

How can I do that in the .NET SDK? It seems like I need to provide a schema for the dynamic content client. Is there an option to search all content without defining the schema I want to search?

Thanks for your help!


No there, is not way. The reason is that for the filter to work, the schema is needed. because it is necessary to transform the filter to fit to the database content.

Therefore it is not possible to search across schemas. Technically we could build “union” of all schemas and work on that, but it has not been implemented.

Thanks for the response.

I’m trying to think of other creative ways to build this without having a list of sitemap-info content that has to be manually managed. Perhaps a hook or something… We’ll see.

Thanks again.