Bugs in the Subscription page

There are 2 bugs in the Subscription page. It happens when you already have a plan and click on “Change”.

1- I was in Professional Monthly
2- Click on “Change” for Basic Yearly
3- Click on “Change” for Basic Monthly
4- Click on “Change” for Basic Yearly
5- Click on “Change” for Basic Monthly
(yes it sounds stupid, but actually I was trying to get more info from the UI - I expected a confirmation windows before paying)


  • My credit card was charged 5 times. It should have been only 2.

1- It changes your plan AND charges the credit card. There should be a confirmation, explaining what the charges will be (rest of current period and fraction of the next)
2- It charges the credit card, even when there is no need to (it should have stopped charging the card at step 2).
3- The subscription dates are calculated wrong (in total I paid 2 year + 2 months, but the next billing is next month - see picture)

REQUEST: Would you please cancel the charges for invoices 599, 598 and 597?


because it is an external system, it is very difficult for me to forecast the pricing. It also depends on stuff like credits left and so on, but I will see what I can do. At least a small info window with a confirm button can help.


the amount you see is the invoice amount, it is not the paid amount. When you open the invoice you usually see that credit notes are applied. When you change your subscription fast enough you can create invoices that are 100% free, I guess.

Minutes after clicking on “Change” I received 2 push notifications from my bank: 2 times x 170 US dollars. Maybe it invoices and charges only the biggest change?
I just checked in my bank and I have only one charge from yesterday. They probably cancelled the duplicate one.
16/03/2020 DEUTSCHLAND +491768329728DE ALEMANIA 170,34

The last charge before that is ok:

Hi, any news on this?

If possible, would you please cancel the charge of 170,34 US made on 16/03/2020 and mobve me to the monthly Basic Plan (I’d like to able to move to the Pro plan if needed).

If you cannot cancel charges, then I’ll have to stay on the Basic Yearly plan, but you need to update my billing date. Currently it states “Your next billing is on 17-Apr-2020.” and it should be next year…

Sorry, I think we should handle your case via PM