Better font control in rich text editor and videos in assets


Just wondering with text fields and using the rich text editor control (TinyMCE), can you please expose changing the font size and font family with this control? This has been requested by our content manager :slight_smile:

And if font-family is too difficult, at most font-size would be satisfactory.

Also, with assets, any plans to support video? Currently, there seems to be a file size limit of 5mb.


My recommendation is to use markdown for content and then decide the font-sizes and stylings with CSS.

You can also follow this tutorial to create a customized editor:

Hi Sebastian, what about the size of assets? I was hoping to save some small videos (just over 5mb) and I also have PDF that is 11mb. Is there a way I can add these files into the assets section?

Sorry, that I have to ask all the time. Do you use cloud or self hosted?

We are using the cloud hosted

Okay, I will increase the asset size this week.

This link is broken

I am pretty sure you will find the new link :wink: