Best practice for load balancing on IIS

Is there a how-to guide or best practice on configuring Squidex to be load-balanced on IIS between 2 servers?

Obviously, Squidex is installed on both servers, but how do I configure it to point to a central MongoDB? I would assume if I want to LB MongoDB that has nothing to do with Squidex, correct?

For assets, should it point to a single assets server or can assets be stored in MongoDB?

Thanks for any help you can provide. We are still evaluating Squidex and load-balancing is critical.

I have not used IIS in production since 5-6 years, but I recommend

3 servers, with a shared IIS configuration and MongoDB installed on each server, connected as Replica Set. Asset stored in MongoDb as well.

Thank you. Seems easy enough (once I learn more about MongoDB :wink:). How do i change the config file to store assets in the DB?


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Is it the wrong thread?

I have no idea what you are talking about…I think you have answered to the wrong thread.