Batch Run Webhooks (Rules) to push records/data in small batches to Algolia

@Sebastian How can I batch run my rules(webhooks) to selected data records without manually changing their content to send in the seed data to Algolia search after I have configured and tested all the Webhooks(Rules) based on my requirements.

I want to trigger it based on small batches of 30 records each to test and get feedback that all is working well in Algolia after the records are pushed. Once I am sure then I want the ability to push all available records for each schema entity

You can only run the full rule.


As in you mean only the entire dataset option is available in Squidex at the moment to batch load my initial seed data in Algolia ? If So how can I initiate it I can’t seem to find the trigger to enable it (Apologies if I sound noobish)

See this screenshot:

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