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Current behavior

We have Squidex running behind a reverse proxy. We have to redirect a concrete context i.e to squidex. This is working fine and I can browse de app but, when I try to access Orleans Cluster Administration from the app menu, the link redirects to If I edit the URL in browser and add the “/cms/” part, I can access to that interface without trouble.

Expected behavior

I should expect that setting URLS__BASEPATH: “/cms” was consistent with all the infraestructure. If not possible, it would be great to know where I can set that “basepath” in Orleans config.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Access as admin to squidex, and go to Administration --> Cluster in a reverse proxy deployment.


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Is it only the link?

Anyway: I have pushed a new version that could fix that.

Yes, for now is only the link. The admin shows: but when I click I end at:

Thanks in advanced for your rapid response!!!

If you want to try it out: The tag is dev-5811

Thanks Sebastian, I will try to test during this week and I’ll post you the feedback,

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